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[English Pattern] Crocheted Matagui Cardigan

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This cardigan is worked flat, very simple, and easy to crochet. It is especially recommended for beginner crocheters. You can easily adjust the size and make modifications. The pattern includes instructions with color blocking and without color blocking. Besides the size range of the body, you can choose the body length, sleeve width, and length from 3 different options, which allows you to customize it as you like. The pattern is in a written form, without crochet symbols. Therefore, a link to the reference explaining the meaning of abbreviations is listed in the pattern. Matagui Cardigan has a knitted version too. A set purchase discount of 300JPY is available when purchasing both Crocheted and Knitted patterns as a set. ■SIZES 1( 2, 3, 4)(5, 6) Body Width(A): 65(70,75,80)(85,90)cm/ 25.6(27.5,29.5,31.8)(33.5,35.4)” Body Length(B): 51(54,57)cm/ 20.1(21.2,22.4)” Body Circumference (C ): 130(140,150,160)(170,180)cm/51.2(55.1,59.1,62.9)(66.9,70.8)” Sleeve Width(D): 40(42,45)cm/15.7(16.5,17.7)” Cuff Width(E): 30(32,34)cm/11.8(12.6,13.3)” Sleeve Length(F): 33(40,46)cm/12.9(15.7,18.1)” You will be choosing the B,D, and F to customize as you like. ■NOTIONS Crochet hook 3.5mm(E) Removable stitch marker Tapestry needle ■YARN 1076(1127,1187,1233)(1293,1357)m of Fingering to Sport weight yarn of your choice or the suggested yarn listed below. -Manchelopis by WoolDreamers 100g/230m(460m) Azul or Caldero: 1(1,1,1)(2,2)roll Verde or Verde Botella: 1(1,1,1)(1,1)roll Rosa or Lavanda: 1(1,1,1)(1,1)roll -Excellent Mohair Count 10 by Hamanaka RichMore 20g/200m - White(1) or Brown(83) : 6(6,6,7)(7,7)balls Alternative yarn for Excellent Mohair: Mohair Silk by La Bien Aimée. Since the yardage is exactly the same. If you crochet with the suggested yarn(s), you will need to separate the thread of Manchelopis first. And combine with a mohair of choice. It is also recommended to make yarn balls beforehand. The detailed yardage for each color is provided in the pattern. ■REFERENCE LINKS How to read a crochet pattern by At MyCrochetPattern https://mycrochetpattern.com/beginners/how-to-read-crochet-patterns/ How To Change Color In Double Crochet by Knit and Crochet Ever After https://youtu.be/MPpwGitQm5A 【日本語話者向けのご案内】 本パターンは英語版のみご用意しています。現状すぐに日本語版のリリースは考えていません。ご不便をおかけしますが、英語版にて編んでいただけましたら幸いです。 記述式の英語パターンを編んでいただくため、英語と日本語の略語の対応表を、以下リンクよりご参照いただけます。 かぎ針編み英語パターンの略語翻訳表 Crochet and Me かぎ針編みの編み図と編み方 by あもろあやか (@amoroayaka) https://crocheandme.blogspot.com/2015/04/crochet-abbreviations-japanese.html パターンには、指定糸で編むための編み方と、糸や色の指定のない編み方を記載しています。見本で編んだ全サンプルの編み方や、配色の指示があるわけではございませんので、あらかじめご理解いただけますと幸いです。 また、マタギカーディガンは、棒針編み版のパターン(英語&日本語)もご用意しています。双方のパターンを合わせて購入いただくと、合計額から300円引きいたします。 また、パターンの最終ページに300円引きのクーポンコードを記載しておりますので、別々にご購入時はクーポンをご利用ください。

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